Industries - Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging

We are a premier supplier of vacuum form tooling for the packaging industry. Specialising in designs from simple box inserts to more complex packaging solutions such as: two-part base and lid assemblies and multi-part push fit hinged forming’s.
Industries - Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Active within many facets of the Point-of-Sale industry, Meadow manufactures premium tools, and can also provide batch production of vacuum forming’s. In addition, as part of our Point-of-sale offering, our in-house fabrication team create bespoke models and displays working with our customers to exceed project expectations.
Industries - Industrial Engineering Applications

Industrial Engineering Applications

Deploying over 140 years of experience to solve a breadth of challenges within the industrial engineering sector, we partner with our customers working through projects on an individual basis. Our industrial engineering activities also include the manufacture of precision tooling and vacuum forming’s to support a diverse range of applications.
Industries - Automotive


Our extensive automotive experience ensures we deliver a wide range of quality, durable and high-performance tools and forming’s into the industry. Able to cast resins and aluminium as well as machine a wide range of materials we have the ability to provide the correct solution for your need.
Vacuum Forming


Supporting the electronics industry, we produce a wide variety of housings for electronics such as battery cases, circuit boards and cable junctions. We also machine dress batteries to reduce case sizes for lightweight automotive applications.
Industries - Energy Management

Energy Management

Meadow uses the latest CNC technology to produce precision checking gauges, assembly jigs, and pressing strips used in the manufacture and inspection of large diamond coil windings.
Industries - Moulding


In addition to vacuum forming tools, our CNC machines and experience in plastic solutions give us the capability to provide for other types of manufacture, such as rotation moulding, blow moulding, and compression moulding.
Industries - Automation


Meadow has a growing reputation in the automation and robotics industry producing innovative cast rubber nests, jigs, fixtures, and forming’s. Using specialist rubber compounds, cast to mate perfectly with the manufactured part we can ensure A faced components are protected and safe from damage during the production process.
Industries - Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Additionally, Meadow can reverse engineer vacuum forming’s and other products to replicate parts or improve original designs.

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